Transfer Credit Evaluation

The policy for "Transfer Credit Evaluation" in the University catalog states:

"An official evaluation of transfer credit will not be completed until students have been admitted to the University and have submitted official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions previously attended."

Generally, only those non-remedial courses in which students have earned a C (2.00) or better at an accredited school (as determined by the Admissions Office) will be considered for transfer. However, transfer credit earned fall 2005 and later from a regionally accredited Ohio college or university will be awarded for all non-remedial courses in which student have earned a grade of D (1.00) or better. Once the Admissions Office has determined which courses are transferable, the college office which houses the student's major will determine the applicability of these courses toward the desired degree. Some majors may require students to earn higher grades in specific courses or requirements. Students transferring to these majors will be held to the required grade and GPA standards.

Students who have attended schools which are not regionally accredited or which are not candidates for such accreditation will not be granted credit by the Admissions Office for work completed there. The students' college office, however, can grant such credit at its discretion. Although the evaluation of a student's performance at a non-accredited school will be considered in the admissions decision, any work completed at an accredited institution will take precedence.

Kent State University will accept a maximum of 10.5 semester hours or 16 quarter hours of correspondence work from an accredited institution. This work does not count toward the final hear of required work in residence."

Once the transfer credit evaluation has been completed by the University, the OTA Program evaluates the transcripts to determine which credits meet Program requirements. Course descriptions and syllabi are reviewed by the Program Director or student advisor to determine if the course from another college or university meets Program requirements.