Creating Interactive Online Texts - perspectives from a first time author and publishing representative

Presented by Jeff Huston


The current climate of higher education requires that faculty and administrators provide cost effective learning materials for students. Creating digital content is one manner in which educators can keep cost down. However, many instructors may be save in utilizing online content but lack the skills or confidence to design their own material. Many companies assist educators in creating, deploying and marketing material. This presentation will provide insight into the process by a first time digital author, Dr. Jeffery Huston. Over the past summer Dr. Huston authored his first text book, and interactive anatomy and physiology lab manual that focused on musculoskeletal anatomy. Along with Dr. Huston, Mr. Don Chmura, an Account Executive with TopHat will discuss working with authors and guiding them through the online authoring experience. Attendees will gain the unique perspective of the benefits of creating online digital content from all ends of the process.