Flash Studio - OPEN HOUSE


The Flash Studio is an easy to use video recording studio for producing high-quality video projects. Equipped with a high-definition video camera, microphone, and video light, the automated controls allow the user to record their presentation without any previous video production experience. Insert a USB flash drive into the desktop panel, wait 15 seconds for everything to power up, push a button, and you’re on! The studio can be used with our without supporting visuals such as PowerPoint. When you’re done presenting simply press the stop button, wait a few seconds for the video to finish copying to your flash drive, and then remove it. The system powers down and your flash drive now contains a standard format video file of your presentation. The studio allows users of any experience level to create videos quick and easy, at the push of a button, and without having to know anything about lights and cameras.

Located in University Library Room 214, the Flash Studio can be reserved for up to 2-hours per day.  Flash Studio opens November 5, 2018!