Learning Spanish language and Latin American culture with Kaltura, Google Drive and Blackboard Learn

Presented by Luis Hermosilla


Using supplemental tools like Kaltura, Google Drive and Blackboard Learn to design Flipped Classroom Approach-modules or lessons could result in quite an innovative learning experience for foreign language students. This presentation focuses on three teaching-learning samples about Latin American culture and Spanish in classes conducted solely in the target language, strengthening the four basic foreign language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing: 

  • Students’ Final project presentation following the Flipped Classroom Approach, making use of both Kaltura and Google Drive.  
  • The Online Hour component of the Hybrid Spanish program, as preparation for the subsequent face-to-face class.  
  • “Latin American Culture through Songs” covering historical periods from pre-Hispanic times to the present.  

Qualtrics surveys and SSI’s have confirmed students’ approval of the design and, most importantly, effectiveness towards strengthening proficiency in their Spanish language skills. Moreover, the use of the Flipped Classroom Approach integrating video through Kaltura and interactive tools like Google Drive and Blackboard Learn allows foreign language students, specifically in Spanish, have more opportunities to effectively assimilate and learn contents on Latin American cultures and the Spanish language at their own pace.