Templates for Student Success and Faculty Sanity

Presented by Phil Nelson, Brian Kelley, and Casey Boyd-Swan


Have you ever created an assignment for students, and once the submissions started rolling in you realized that something just didn’t work quite right in the communication? Maybe some of your students got the general premise, but many of them missed the boat completely. In fact, a few of them took the bus by mistake.
And remember that great assignment idea that you thought would really help measure student comprehension effectively? You spent a great deal of time creating the instructions, carefully considering the components, the outcomes, etc. And, to your credit your students got it, they nailed it. But, when it came time to grade this fantastic venture you got nailed? The time and energy it required from you in order to sift through the brilliant ideas postulated by your students nearly cost you an entire weekend of sleep.
Well, what if you could have the best of both worlds? A well-conceived and well-designed assignment that was easy for students to complete successfully and that was also easy to grade. By leveraging the power of templates you can have just that. With a little planning and creativity, you can create templates for an assignment that take the guesswork out of what your students are required to submit, and end your personal search for the location of required information on submitted documents.
Come hear from faculty that have partnered with an instructional designer from the Office of Continuing and Distance Education as they relate their personal account, in what we are calling: “Templates for Student Success and Faculty Sanity”.