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A firewall is your first step toward protecting your computer from malicious attacks. A firewall generally comes standard with your device’s operating system (OS), but you may want to double-check that it is enabled.

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Short for "malicious software," malware is hostile or intrusive software used by hackers to gain access to and retrieve sensitive information from personal computer, phones, and mobile devices, eavesdrop on your activity, or install other malware.

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Personal Devices

While mobile devices such as laptops, phones, USB flash drives, etc are convenient and allow data to be more accessible, they also come with a risk. Any private data on a device that is lost or stolen is at risk of becoming public, potentially exposing data and expose people to the risk of identity theft.

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Security Best Practices

A few general security tips and best practices will help keep your identity, accounts, and personal devices safe from hackers and thieves. 

General Tips and Guidelines