Security Awareness

What is Security Awareness

Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude towards all of the various security threats that exist to an organization`s physical and informational assets. These threats include phishing emails, social engineering, malware, ransomware, and much more. The internet is a shared responsibility for all of the members of an organization.

Security Awareness Presentations

Kent State University's Office of Security and Access Management offers several presentations to help increase university faculty and staff member's security awareness.

Learn more about our security awareness presentations.

Security Awareness Presentations

Monthly Security News Articles

Kent State University is now offering monthly security news articles. Each month the Office of Security and Access Management will shed light on different cyber security topics to further increase security awareness here at Kent State University.

Monthly Security News Articles

Personal Devices

While mobile devices such as laptops, phones, USB flash drives, etc are convenient and allow data to be more accessible, they also come with a risk. Any private data on a device that is lost or stolen is at risk of becoming public, potentially exposing data and expose people to the risk of identity theft.

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