Fall 2017 Magazine Videos

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Humanizing the Heroin Crisis

Sophomore public relations major Emelia Sherin shares what gives her life purpose. 

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Girls Geared for Engineering

A new camp gives middle-school girls an opportunity to learn about careers in aeronautics and engineering.

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Continuing Threads

Head of the Textile Arts Program Janice Lessman-Moss weaves together traditional techniques with new technology.

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The Sweet Life 

Brent Wesley, BBA '04 shares how turning empty lots in Akron into apiaries has helped him discover his purpose.

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Take Note

“Finding purpose is an intensely personal journey,” writes President Beverly Warren in her column, and the stories in this issue reveal some of those journeys: an entrepreneur whose passion to build community led him to keep bees and grow a business, faculty members whose scientific research and artistic pursuits better society and inspire creativity, women whose love of flight propelled them to break barriers, and a student whose concern for her community caused her to address a national crisis at a local level—and prompted a positive response from people in far-flung places. 

As our incoming students discuss Kent State’s Common Reading book and ponder their passions and purpose, perhaps you may be persuaded to reflect on your life’s journey so far. Although everyone’s path is different, we all discover challenges and opportunities along the way.

In case you’re wondering why you didn’t receive a summer issue of Kent State Magazine, its production schedule has changed. Instead of being published fall, spring, summer, the magazine is now published fall, winter, spring. So going forward you can expect to see it in your mailbox in September, January, and May. Please note that the deadlines for Class Notes have changed. As always, we love to hear from you, so do keep in touch—and tell us about your life of purpose!