Kent State Magazine Fall/Winter 2022-23
On an excursion to Lazzaretto Nuovo, one of two quarantine islands established in the Venetian lagoon in the 15th century, Kent State students learn how the Republic of Venice attempted to control the spread of contagious disease during plague outbreaks. In this large warehouse, incoming merchants and passengers were quarantined with their cargo for 40 days and some left graffiti (seen on the back wall) to mark their presence. Photo by Bob Christy, BS 95, MA ’22

Kent State Magazine

Fall/Winter 2022-23

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On The Cover

Growing Global

Kent State is expanding its global education initiatives and preparing students to be citizens of the world. 


World U: The life-changing experience of global education

Kent State students, both domestic and international, are exploring cultural diversity at home and abroad—and becoming citizens of the world.

  • To recruit and support the success of its international students, Kent State provides many programs and resources throughout the university.

  • While one in four students currently studies abroad during their time at Kent State, many students are unable to access an international experience due to the cost.

  • The Italian Renaissance was a cultural phenomenon that transformed our world forever—and the city of Florence was at its heart. As Kent State celebrates 50 years of its flagship program in Florence, Italy, the university has set its sights on the future.

50 Years of Florence

Kent State University reflects on its study abroad history in Florence, Italy, and looks toward the future as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of its flagship education abroad program.

  • The path to finding her purpose led one nontraditional student to Kent State, where a study abroad opportunity provided her new perspectives and bolstered her confidence.

  • This summer’s course, Pandemics That Shaped the World—taught in Florence during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—enabled students to develop their own playbook for a public health response.

  • Through the American Academy, Kent State University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná collaborate to connect Brazilian students to an American liberal arts education.

  • A computer science major is the first Brazilian student to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Kent State’s American Academy.

  • An opportunity to explore the liberal arts through the American Academy helped an uncertain Brazilian student commit to a career path and study in the United States.

  • Mallory Woods, BS ’22, a Fulbright English teaching assistant posted to Ecuador, encourages others to participate in transformative education-abroad experiences. 

  • Two refugees from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution found their way to Kent State years ago. Their recent visit to the Kent Campus brought back old memories—and made some new ones.