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Julian Bond

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"Jim Crow may be dead, but racism is alive and well. That’s a central fact of life for every nonwhite American, including the president of the United States. It eclipses income, position, education—race trumps them all. So we have work to do, none of it easy, but we never wished our way to freedom. Instead we’ve always worked our way.ˮ
JULIAN BOND, civil rights leader, “Crossing the Color Line,” keynote address at Kent State’s 13th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, January 22, 2014


Madison Jordan ’16 (Columbus, Ohio), a nutrition major and fitness enthusiast, introduces the energetic new organization she’s in charge of at Kent State: 

What it is: CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls) is a health and fitness organization for college-age girls, but it’s also a huge supportive community. It started at Ohio State University in 2012 and now has about 2,500 members at 18 universities, including a virtual chapter.

How I got involved: I heard about it from friends at other universities and through social media. I saw how fun it was, so when they advertised for five new ambassadors, I applied and was chosen to open a chapter at Kent State this fall.I went through training in the summer, and before school even started, my exec team and I had recruited over 100 members—and now we’re up to almost 300. We’re growing fast.

Who it’s for: It’s for any college girl, no matter her size, shape or fitness level. We want to empower every CHAARG girl to become her happiest, healthiest self.

What we do: We have two sessions of workouts every Monday night from 8 to 10 p.m., and small groups meet for an hour once a week. Our motto is “to liberate girls from the elliptical” and show them fitness can be fun. We partner with volunteer instructors from local studios to expose members to a whole range of exercises. So far, we’ve done Zumba, CrossFit, self-defense karate, muscle conditioning and Bokwa, a cardio dance workout. 

How it helps: The other weekend when I woke up I wasn’t in the mood for a workout. But I went on Instagram, I saw photos of other CHAARG girls running—and then I ran five miles. This community is really motivating!

Visit the CHAARG Website