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Flash Forward | Fall/Winter 2018 - 2019

Number: POL 40995/HIST 49295: Study Abroad

Name: Modern Germany: Politics, History, Culture

Term: Three-week Intersession, May 21-June 8 (Next year, May 20-June 7, 2019)

Instructors: Mark Cassell, PhD, professor of political science and Anthony Molina, PhD, assistant professor of political science

Description: Is Germany an exemplar of democratic stability or a country on the cusp of another crisis? How are refugees and immigrants affecting German politics and society today? Where is Germany today and where will it be in the future? Students examine these questions by visiting four locations in Germany: Frankfurt, Erfurt/Weimar, Berlin and Dresden. They have the opportunity to explore immigration and asylum with those who are living it, and to hear the perspectives of lawmakers (including the nationalist right-wing party), public agencies charged with integrating refugees, and nonprofits who work with refugees.

Objectives: Gain an understanding of German society, including a basic knowledge of the political, economic, historical and social issues in Germany; develop an awareness of American cultural values and biases; develop an ability to interact constructively with people of different cultures; demonstrate an increased capacity to analyze issues with appreciation for disparate viewpoints; develop a firsthand understanding of several issues, including the refugee crisis, cities and the role of public transportation, and Europe’s financial system.

Reading: A Concise History of Germany, Mary Fulbrook (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

Assignments: Keep a daily journal throughout the trip, describing daily experiences, impressions and responses to briefings and tours, and an explanation of what was learned that day. Prepare and give an oral presentation on any of the topics covered during the trip, followed with a Q/A session.

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