Fact and Fiction

by Lauren Rathmell '17

Three new student clubs help fans of fiction have fun and focus on real-world issues. 

Illustration by Melissa OlsonFoam Fighting Society

Purpose: Members participate in Dagorhir, a sport/battle game that combines full-contact combat simulation (using foam-padded weapons) with live action role playing, inspired by medieval history and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Getting real: “Our fighting not only relieves stress, but also builds relationships through mutual respect. Our rules enforce discipline, which everyone can benefit from,” says freshman Todd Stipe, club president.

Illustration by Melissa Olson
Golden Flash Fiction Club

Purpose: Writing club that focuses on flash fiction—1,000 words or less—so that aspiring novelists and writers can unwind during the week, enhance their imagination and improve their writing skills

Getting real: “Fiction writing is cathartic: It allows us to deal with problems in a healthy way—by putting feelings into a physical form so we can analyze them objectively,” says junior Corinne Engber, club vice president.

Illustration by Melissa Olson
Lumos Flashes

Purpose: Local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit organization run primarily by Harry Potter fans to fight social injustice in areas such as mental health, labor rights, immigration reform and climate change

Getting real: “We did a fundraiser for This Star Won’t Go Out, a nonprofit foundation that gives financial aid to families who have children with cancer,” says senior Carolyn Matovina, chapter president.



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POSTED: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 10:20 AM
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Lauren Rathmell '17