Fall 2017
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“bout to spend 4 years in this library with mollie” by Cait @cgslattery

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Blast from the Past

I was pleasantly surprised when a former roommate at Kent State alerted me to the story on Kent State’s Ultimate Frisbee Club [“Disc Jockeys” Flashback, spring 2017]. I am second from the right in the photo. I am still in touch with a couple of the teammates. After graduating, I continued playing Ultimate with clubs in Arizona and California. Although I haven’t played in many years, I still keep a 175-gram disc handy. You never know when you may need it!

Evan Davis, BS ’79
San Jose, Calif.

Wow! I spotted myself in the original [Ultimate Frisbee] team photo. I’m in the front row right with shorts over sweat pants. Flanking Jerome from left to right is Steve Tollan and Ron Thomas. Front row left to right is Ed Zeller, Fred Thaxton and I think Greg Smith. Great times!  

Tom (Zy) Dziak, BBA ’83
Madison, Ohio

Paying Attention

Your cover photo of Earl Miller ’85 was familiar. As photo editor at Discover magazine, I arranged the photo session last year to illustrate Adam Piore’s Discover story on the MIT neuroscientist. It was nice to see his profile [“Attention, Please” spring 2017] included in your magazine.

Ernie Mastroianni, BA ’81
Whitefish Bay, Wisc.

The feature story “Attention, Please” took me quite some time to get through, as irony would have it. Thank you for this article and consider it passed along and forwarded! 

Vanessa Aron, BS ’05
Westlake, Ohio

Important Takeaway

Thank you for sharing this heart-tugging glimpse into the lives of foster children [“Fostering Hope” spring 2017]. The most important sentence was this: “When we can create something positive from our own negative experiences and help others, it’s healing, restorative and empowering.” Keri Hope Richmond, you are on your way to a very rewarding career.  

Janet (Cubic) Sima, BM ’71 
North Olmsted, Ohio

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