Spring/Summer 2018

And the winner is...

We’ve heard that our hidden squirrel contest was fun for many and frustrating for some! Out of 175 submissions, 159 correct ones were entered in the random drawing (see photo at right). Congratulations to Linda Janosko, BS ’71, MA ’81, Mentor, Ohio—the lucky winner of a gift card for Laurello Vineyards! 

For those still wondering, the black squirrel can be found in the winter 2018 issue on pages 13 (lower right photo, sitting on the rail to the left of the wine bottle), 21 (sitting on the railing above the plant with the red leaves) and 34 (upper photo, sitting on the street, below the bicycle at the far right). 

Thanks to all who entered!  

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What a Ride

[Looking at Flashback, “Slide On,” winter 2018], brought back memories of the winters of 1957-8 and 1958-9. My partner in mischief—Elaine G. from Akron, Ohio—and I enjoyed sliding down the hill in front of our dorm, Lowrey Hall. The hill was steep and full of large trees and many roots! It was a bumpy ride, but fun. 

I have been proud of Kent State for the great research they have done in the past, and I look forward to the great new discoveries in the future [“The Next Big Thing,” winter 2018].

Karen Zeigler Fox, BS ’61 
Spring Lake, Mich.

Courtesy John McGinley, BBA ’50

Popular Photo Spot

The photo on page 32 of [Bea McPherson] sitting on the tree in front of Rockwell Hall [“On the Map,” winter 2018], is similar to one (above) taken of my wife, Liz, and me at the same tree in 1949 after we were married (a highlight of my 93 years). I was a veteran of WWII, and she was secretary to the head librarian, whose lower windows in Rockwell Hall face the camera. Liz, who passed away in 2012, encouraged giving back to the university—we were members of the Herrick Society and sent two children to Kent State. 

John McGinley, BBA ’50
Clearwater, Fla.

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Squirrel Spotter

What a great contest. Very tricky hiding those black squirrels. Thanks for the fun! I love reading the magazine from cover to cover every time I receive it, but this one was especially entertaining. It’s a classy and informative publication. 

Jeffrey Wood, BBA ’77
Warren, Ohio

Financial Concerns

I am an independent financial planner, and I noticed a couple errors in the “Optimal Aging” article. First, the annual gift limit in 2018 is actually $15,000, not $14,000. Second, the Medicaid spend down for a single person does include his/her home. And third, I disagree that long-term care insurance should only be purchased in one’s 40s or 50s or through an employer-sponsored plan. In my opinion, purchasing long-term care insurance should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Terry Riffle, BBA ’86 
Louisville, Ohio

Editor’s Note: The article was written in late 2017, when the annual gift limit was $14,000, but we should have added “as of 2017” to clarify. In general, if a home serves as the principal place of residence it is exempt from Medicaid spend down; however, later circumstances could force the sale of the home. And while we agree that insurance decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis, economics literature generally shows that private long-term care insurance is unaffordable for the majority of Americans, according to Dr. Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley, KSU associate professor of economics. 

We hope the article, which was meant to be a quick overview, encourages more people to talk with financial planners early on, before they need a nursing home.

Map View

I enjoyed the article on Bea McPherson [“On the Map,” winter 2018]. The title caught my attention since I majored in geography and work in the mapping software industry. Bea’s story was fantastic and the accolades that she has earned are well deserved. 

Charlie Magruder, BA ’92
Saint Charles, Mo. 

Looking Ahead

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed my latest issue. What is on the horizon for the sciences [“The Next Big Thing,” winter 2018] left me speechless. And as I read the financial advice for people my age [“Optimal Aging”], I discovered how much of it applied to me. Now that I am in charge of the finances, I found it very helpful. 

Barbara Lewis, BA ’62
Winchester, Va.

Wine Wishes

I enjoy the diverse articles in your publication and am always impressed and inspired with all that is going on across the Kent State campuses. Being a wine enthusiast, I found, “A Vintage Year” [winter 2018] to be very interesting, and I look forward to someday trying your label.  

Missy Iannelli
Mason, Ohio 

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