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And the winner is...

 Evan Straub
Chuck Straub

When Chuck Straub, BS ’72, Columbiana, Ohio, visited his grandkids in Maplewood, New Jersey, he brought the latest Kent State Magazine with him to “have some fun” and get some help hunting for hidden squirrels. “Evan (age 9) found the third squirrel very quickly,” he writes. “Apparently my eyes are getting old!”

After we drew Mr. Straub’s name in the random drawing and sent him the prize package—filled with black squirrel swag from Black Squirrel Gifts in downtown Kent—he packed it up and sent it on to his helper. So congratulations to contest co-winners Chuck and Evan Straub!

The black squirrels can be found in the spring/summer 2018 issue on pages 19 (on the picnic blanket), 25 (in the glass doorway—this one required good lighting or young eyes to see!) and 34 (under the egg in photo 11).

Thanks to all who entered!  

via mail

Catherine Downes Bower


From Vision to Reality

Loved the piece on the 50th anniversary of Blossom [“Kent Blossom Celebrates 50 Years,” spring/summer 2018]. Back in the ’60s, when I was an undergraduate at Kent State and Blossom was still an empty field and a vision, I had the privilege of being part of the first ad campaign to raise money to make that vision come true. Thought you might like to see the ad, recently sent to me by another alum (see right). It appeared in a number of national publications, including Time magazine.

Catherine Downes Bower, BA ’69
West River, Md.




Memorable Homecoming

I was delighted to read how things have changed with homecoming celebrations over the years—it has really been a reflection of the times [“100 Years of Homecoming,” spring/summer 2018]. However, I was both surprised and disappointed that one of the most significant homecomings—that of 1970—was not mentioned.

That year, just a few months after the infamous shootings on May 4, the halftime show was something I’ll never forget. An enormous flag was rolled out onto the field, practically covering the entire space. There was a moment of silence for the lives that had been lost and for those whose lives were forever changed—ravaged by what we had foolishly thought to be only blanks or rubber bullets—and then the university chorus sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

To this day, it remains one of the most moving, meaningful and powerful times of my entire life. I never felt more a part of KSU or more united to my fellow students than I did on that October afternoon.

Nancy Menaldi-Scanlan, BFA ’72
Naples, Fla.

editor’s note: Thank you for sharing that special memory. The halftime show was not included in the 1970 Homecoming coverage in either the Daily Kent Stater or the 1971 Chestnut Burr (which covers the previous year’s homecoming)—the two main digital sources we used to compile the “100 Years of Homecoming” story. (See the Kent State University Special Collections and Archives Digital Collections at

Motivated to Visit

As a graduate of Kent State’s journalism program, I tend to be a pretty discerning critic of publications. Yet I’m always impressed with the quality of Kent State Magazine. In the spring/summer 2018 issue, I especially appreciated the 100-year retrospective on Kent State homecomings—a nod to Kent State’s past, paired with a glimpse into the university’s future (“Transforming Kent State”). I feel motivated to come back and visit the campus for the first time in many years! Thank you for a high-quality, informative publication with content that resonates with alumni.

Janice (Haidet) Hisle, BA ’86
Morrow, Ohio

Timeless Tradition

After 65 years, I was surprised to see the photo of an activity that I did while living in Moulton Hall my freshman year and the newly built Terrace Hall my sophomore year. [Flashback,“Slide On,” winter 2018]. We used to sneak out baking trays from the kitchen and slide down the steep hill outside Moulton Hall. So much fun on cold snowy days.

I am thrilled to show my children and granddaughter a picture of that wonderful memory, which I have been describing to them for years. And I am happy that this tradition has continued.

Marilyn Hamill, BS ’57
Clearwater, Fla.

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