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Spring/Summer 2019
Bob Woodward

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“Beware the demon pomposity. That is really good advice. [In the news media] we need to not be so sure, we need to stick to the facts, we need to not get into this political food fight that is going on. . . . You don’t have to be a journalist for five minutes to know that things may appear a certain way, and they are not that way.”

Bob Woodward, two-time Pulitzer prize winning journalist, associate editor for The Washington Post, speaking to Kent State journalism students prior to his talk for the Presidential Speaker Series, “An Evening with Bob Woodward,” MAC Center, May 4, 2019

News Flash

Space out your studies

“John Dunlosky is a psychologist at Kent State University in Ohio who has done research on learning techniques. In one study with other researchers, he ranked 10 popular approaches using various criteria, and he found that spaced practice—or studying a subject then taking a break and studying it again—was one of the most effective. This suggests that a student who studies a topic for an hour on three days over the course of a week will know the information better than a student who spends three hours on it in one night.”

—“Many students don’t know how to study. Here’s how parents can help.” The Washington Post, April 15, 2019

Full Story in Washington Post


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