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Zoom Room Geauga

New Zoom Room at Kent State University at Geauga

Beginning fall semester 2020, the Kent State at Geauga Campus in Burton has a second Zoom Room to provide remote instruction. Students taking remote courses can be taught via their laptops by an instructor who lectures from one of the Zoom Rooms on campus. This technology has been invaluable in the transition from face-to-face courses to remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoom Rooms provide cost savings throughout the Kent State system. Students at Kent State Geauga can attend a course offered at another Kent State campus via the Zoom Room, and students at other Kent State campuses can take Kent State Geauga’s Zoom courses.

Funding for the new Zoom Room was provided by a $20,000 grant from the Cleveland Foundation’s Lake-Geauga Fund, half of which is being used for financial support for students experiencing hardships during the pandemic.

“Without the grant support of such forward-thinking partners, we would be less able to prepare for these anticipated needs,” says Angela Spalsbury, PhD, dean and chief administrative officer, who requested funding for Kent State Geauga’s additional Zoom Room last spring. “We are deeply grateful for their commitment to local students’ success during this difficult time.”

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