Giving Voice

Fall 2017

illustration by Zuzana Kubišová ’17Altar Boy at the Grand Tetons

by Regis Louis Coustillac

When did I begin to dance past
the path of broken branches,
so satisfied with wandering lost
beneath an empty barrel of dying stars?

I look up to curse the moon
and see a single comet burn across the night.
It is a blessing on the forehead.
Ash Wednesday.

So I plant myself on a bed of moss,
and glaze my hands with dew and dirt.
A blessing on my forehead.
I begin to pray for rain.

Poet: Regis Louis Coustillac 
Senior, College of Arts and Sciences
Mentor, Ohio

Illustrator: Zuzana Kubišová ’17

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POSTED: Monday, September 18, 2017 02:10 PM
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