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Flash Forward | Fall 2017

Digitizing the Kent Stater

Have a question about something or someone you remember from your time at Kent State? Here’s some help to find an answer. A five-year process to digitize every printed issue of The Daily Kent Stater (now The Kent Stater) concluded this summer. Ninety years of issues, spanning 1926–2016, are now searchable at http://dks.library.kent.edu.

“Newspaper gets really brittle over time, says Virginia Dressler, digital projects librarian at the University Libraries. “By digitizing this and putting up an online archive, we’re saving the original print.” 

Plus, the opportunity to do keyword searching speeds up research that once took hours. “You can put in somebody’s name, or an event you knew happened,” says Cara Gilgenbach, head of Special Collections and Archives. “I think alumni, in particular, are using it as a walk down memory lane.”

By the Numbers

Digitizing The Kent Stater
10,127 issues
93,541 pages
498,536 articles



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POSTED: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 12:01 PM
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