Traveling Stanzas—Sunset

Illustration by Zuzana Kubisova '17

Illustration by Alison Farone, BFA '13


by Jaclyn Y. Garver

Clouds low on the horizon
float just above the land,
sink down from the dark and shadowed heavens,
the tropospheric Rockies, Alps, and Mount Olympus
for Zeus and his children.
A sliver of a fingernail reminds us
He watches. 

From deep lavender steel
to muddy golden mustard,
the canvas glows with thick acrylic.

The old man stretches his arm
out the car window, unfolds a finger,
swirls the pad of his pointer atop 
the wet paint. His final mark on the day is
important and indelible
for the next sixteen minutes,
when his sun god sets
and his proof of “I exist”
shimmers and fades
into a twilit night. 

The babies sleep deep, breathe
in that old magic,
and we live on. 

Poet: Jaclyn Y. Garver, BS ’05
Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I wrote ‘Sunset’ on the drive home from a wake. My husband’s grandfather, who died on July 4, was buried on what would have been his 75th wedding anniversary. The evening before his burial was a beautiful one, and the layered clouds struck me as a particularly poignant send-off.” 

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