Summer 2015: 1990s


David Jakubowski, Hudson, Ohio, wrote, “I am on the committee for the 65th anniversary of Delta Tau Delta’s Kent State chapter, which will be celebrated during a weekend of planned activities culminating in a dinner at the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center in Kent, Ohio, on August 29, 2015. For more information, contact or call Dave Bransky at 216-396-3558.”


Marianne Vitullo, Stow, Ohio, is owner of Pinnacle Events & Expos, currently producing Women’s Expos in Ohio and Indiana. Visit


Broken Down Heroes by Bob Christy

Bob Christy, Green, Ohio, wrote, “I produce a calendar every year with some publisher friends of mine. It’s called ‘Broken Down Heroes’ and consists of photos of old, rusty cars sitting in fields and barns. It won first place for black and white photography in the retail division of the Calendar Marketing Association’s 2015 National and World Calendar Awards.” See


Ann Watson, MLS, Shepherdstown, W. Va., has accepted a position as the new associate state librarian for library services at the State Library of Ohio; she will lead and manage the Library Services Division.

Derek Wolfgram, MLS, San Jose, Calif., was named the director of the Redwood City Public Library in November 2014.