Allison the Activist

Even when she was in the Bluebirds as a little girl, Allison was the leader of the pack.  – Doris Krause*

My daughter Allison was not a radical. She was a feeling, caring person who was against war in Vietnam, Cambodia, Israel, or any other place. She was not a member of a radical group, but rather acted as an individual, who felt deeply.  – Arthur Krause*

I have never met anyone who could read my mind the way she could. Sometimes I would be able to convey a complicated and complete train of thought to her without uttering a word. She used to smile at me and say, "I know what you are thinking," and she would get it exactly. – Barry Levine*

"Flowers are better than bullets."  -- Allison 

In tribute to Allison Krause
April 23, 1951 – May 4, 1970

*Quotes from Generation on Fire: Voices of Protest from the 1960s by Jeff Kisseloff

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