6 - 11.5

Administrative policy and procedure regarding court leave

  1. The university shall grant leave with full pay to an employee who:
    1. Is summoned for jury duty by a court of competent jurisdiction, or
    2. Is subpoenaed to appear before any court, commission, board or other legally constituted body authorized by law to compel the attendance of witnesses, where the employee is not a party to the action.
  2. Any compensation or reimbursement for jury duty or for court attendance compelled by subpoena, when such duty is performed during and employee's normal working hours, shall be remitted by the employee to the treasurer of the university.
  3. Approval for court leave shall be requested in writing by the employee, supported by a copy of the appropriate court document.
  4. Any employee who is appearing before a court or other legally constituted body in a matter in which he is a party may be granted vacation time or leave of absence without pay. Such instances would include, but are not limited to, criminal or civil case, traffic court, divorce proceedings, custody hearings, or appearances as directed as a parent or guardian of a juvenile.
  5. An employee who is the appellant in any action before the state personnel board of review and is in active pay status at the time of a scheduled hearing before the board shall be granted court leave with full pay for purposes of attending the hearing.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 10/5/1979, 10/26/1979, 2/14/1983, 6/1/2007