6 - 07.10

Administrative policy and procedures regarding salary adjustments for administrators assuming regular faculty positions

  1. When an administrator with a faculty appointment assumes a full-time position as a member of the regular teaching faculty, the salary for this appointment should reflect appropriate compensation for the individual's rank, academic credentials, experience, and potential contribution to the university; the salary previously earned is not to be a factor in determining the new salary.
  2. Consonant with established consultative procedures, the department or school to which the former administrator is assigned shall, through its chairperson, director, or dean, recommend a salary commensurate with the individual's rank and credentials. This figure should include increments which would normally have accrued had the individuals' service been exclusively as a member of the teaching faculty. The figure may also include recognition of meritorious university achievement, or academic achievement or both. The salary assigned for the new position must be approved by the provost or the president, as appropriate.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 8/24/1979, 11/22/1985, 10/20/2002, 6/1/2007