5 - 12.15

Administrative policy on entry and use of university offices

  1. Purpose. In order to provide maximum privacy and security for individual office space, the following administrative policy applies to all university offices assigned to one or more individuals.
  2. Operational procedure.
    1. A person may enter an assigned office space only:
      1. With proper authorization from the occupant;
      2. In performance of her/his regular duties as a university employee (i.e. custodial. maintenance. health. safety);
      3. With written permission of the appropriate vice president.
    2. No person may use an assigned office space for other than expressly authorized purposes.
  3. Violation. Violators of this policy will be subject to university discipline and possible criminal charges.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
1/30/1985, 10/3/2005