5 - 04.2

Administrative policy regarding electronic signatures

  1. Policy. In order to provide for the effective and efficient administration of university contract administration, electronic signatures are permissible when executed in accordance with this rule. The university recognizes an electronic signature as legally binding to the fullest extent permitted by law. The implementation and use of electronic signatures at the university shall remain consistent with division (I) of section 1306.20 of the Revised Code.
  2. Implementation. The division of finance and administration shall be responsible for the administration of this rule, and shall coordinate with other divisions and offices as necessary to ensure uniform procedures for contracting with non-university parties through electronic signature.
    1. The division of finance and administration is responsible for the establishment of university standards for the use of electronic signatures. Such standards may be revised by the division to ensure the effective and efficient use of electronic signatures.
    2. This rule operates in conjunction with the delegations of authority as provided for in the university’s administrative policy for contract administration as codified in rule 3342-5-04.1 of the Administrative Code. Electronic signatures may only be executed by an individual authorized to contract on behalf of the university as provided for in rules 3342-5-04 and 3342-5-04.1 of the Administrative Code.
Policy Effective Date:
Oct 15, 2016