8 - 01.7

Administrative policy regarding establishment of undergraduate student governmental bodies at each regional campus

  1. Policy statement. The authority for establishing regional campus undergraduate student governments is established in rule 3342-2-08 of the Administrative Code, the undergraduate student government charter.  Under this rule, the undergraduate student government (USG) will serve   as the student government for each campus.
    Each regional student government is recognized as a representative voice of the student body's interests, concerns, and needs for each campus. Each USG shall serve as the liaison between the campus student body, the undergraduate student government, and the university administration.
  2. Implementation.  Each USG should adopt internal procedures including but not limited to by-laws, statues, legislation and may establish elected or appointed officers.
  3. Review.  All undergraduate student government regulations and/or procedures will be reviewed by the dean, or designee, of each campus prior to implementation.
Policy Effective Date: 
Apr. 01, 2016