3 - 01.3

Administrative policy regarding nondiscrimination and access to university programs for qualified students with disabilities

  1. Purpose. Kent state university recognizes that the academic mission of this institution is to provide equal learning opportunities for every individual. Directly related to this endeavor is the need for protection against discrimination and the practices that may accompany it.
  2. Definitions:
    1. "Person with a disability" means any person who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment.
    2. "Qualified individual with a disability" means a person with a disability who meets the academic and technical standards requisite to admission or participation in the recipient's education program or activity.
    3. Other definitions as appear in 28 CFR 35.
  3. Requirements. The university shall make reasonable accommodations in its academic requirements to ensure that such requirements do not discriminate on the basis of disability against a qualified individual with a disability, whether applicant or student. However, requirements that the university can demonstrate are essential to the program of instruction of the student, or any directly related licensing requirement, or to the physical safety of students, faculty, or staff, will not be regarded as discriminatory.
  4. Other rules may not be imposed upon students with disabilities, such as a prohibition of tape recorders or guide dogs, which have the effect of limiting the participation of students in the educational program or activity. Further, in examinations or evaluations the university shall provide where possible such methods for evaluating the achievement of students with disabilities as will best ensure that the results of the evaluation represent the student's achievement rather than reflecting the student's impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills.
  5. Grievance procedures and appeals. The student may appeal decisions made according to this policy. Procedures to be followed are stated in departmental or school policy books.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
2/8/1980, 12/20/2004, 6/1/2007