5 - 12.19

Administrative policy regarding painting the rock located on hilltop drive

  1. Policy statement. The purpose of this rule is to promote consistency between the use of “the rock,” as defined herein, and other similar policies currently effective that provide certain time, place, and manner restrictions for university property so as not to substantially disrupt the university functions of teaching, research, public service, administration, or authorized events.
  2. Definitions.
    1. Rock. The boulder currently located on hilltop drive. This policy also applies to boulders or structures used for similar purposes at all regional campuses.
    2. Guarding. Action by an individual for physically stopping or blocking others from painting the rock and/or interfering with others while in the process of painting the rock.
  3. Scope. This policy applies to any member of Kent state university. The rock is the only piece of university property permitted to be painted by persons not affiliated with university facilities management and/or contracted by the university for professional painting services.
  4. Procedures.
    1. Any painting on the rock will remain for at least a twenty-four-hour period. Paintings should be dated and time-stamped. Individuals and/or organizations are encouraged to document their completed paintings with a photo.
    2. The rock must be painted in totality. Partially painting the rock or painting comments on a previously painted rock is not permitted.
    3. Suggested paintings on the rock include but are not limited to event announcements, words of support and encouragement, congratulations, welcome messages, organization promotion, and messages of general university spirit. Rock messages reflect our university and should be kept in good taste.
    4. Paintings that are obscene (i.e. depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct so as to lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value), in violation of the university policies regarding unlawful discrimination and harassment (as defined in rules 3342-5-16, 3342-5-16.1, and 3342-5-16.2 of the Administrative Code), and/or are directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action may be removed or painted over at any time.
    5. With the exception of painting, the physical condition of the rock is not to be altered in any way that will change its integrity, shape, size, or orientation.
    6. No person will erect any structure for the purposes of painting the rock.
    7. Guarding the rock is not permitted by any person.
    8. Members or potential new members of student organizations shall not be required or forced to participate in painting the rock; this is considered hazing.
    9. Persons or entities painting the rock are responsible for the disposal of all waste and will ensure the area is left in a clean condition.
    10. Vehicles are not permitted to be driven on the grassy area surrounding the rock or on sidewalks.
  5. Violations. Violations of the policy and guidelines may result in disciplinary action towards individuals and/or groups according to their affiliation with the university. Any violator of this policy as determined by the vice president for student affairs or designee may be reasonably requested to cease painting the rock.
  6. Reserved powers. Kent state university reserves the authority to paint the rock at any time at the discretion of the vice president for student affairs or designee.
Policy Effective Date:
Jan 11, 2021