4 - 08.1

Administrative policy regarding parking regulations

  1. Parking permits.
    1. Faculty and staff will be issued faculty/staff lot permits on a first-come, first-served basis dependent upon available space. Faculty/staff permits are not to be used by anyone other than the university employee.
    2. Students with thirty or more credit hours will be issued either residence hall lot permits or commuter lot permits by class standing on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on available space. Freshmen students (less than thirty credit hours) can only purchase or display a parking permit for Dix stadium, Summit East or the Allerton sports complex lot unless otherwise authorized.
    3. Employees and students who choose to park a vehicle on university property may be limited to the purchase of one permit dependent upon available space.
  2. Special permits and fees.
    1. Temporary replacement permits. Any permit holder who fails to display a valid permit is required to immediately obtain a one-day replacement permit from parking services at no cost.
    2. Service permits. Departmental service permits will be issued to departments upon request in accordance with demonstrated need and available spaces. Authorization for service permits may be required from the appropriate vice president. Departments may be charged an administrative fee for each service permit issued. A service permit may only be used with a valid Kent state university parking permit. Holders of service permits may park in designated service spaces for a period of thirty minutes unless otherwise posted, or in any faculty/staff or student parking space for the amount of time needed to conduct official university business except E-1, state, metered, handicap, and motorcycle spaces or where signs prohibit.
    3. Vendor and construction permits. Companies and individuals who regularly conduct business with the university must register for vendor and construction parking permits at parking services.  There is an administrative fee for vendor and construction permits. Holders of these permits may park only as directed by parking services. Kent campus faculty, staff and students are not eligible for vendor or construction permits.
    4. Retiree permits. Retiree permits are issued to those employees who have officially retired from the university. Retiree permits are not to be used by anyone other than the retiree. Holders of these permits may park as directed by parking services.
    5. Handicap permits. Persons with a temporary or permanent physical disability who require special parking consideration must obtain a state handicap placard as well as a valid Kent state university handicap parking permit. Persons with a short-term disability (one month or less) can contact the parking services office for instructions on obtaining a temporary parking permit. Handicap permit fees are the same as regular permit fees for faculty, staff and student respectively. Handicap permits are honored in all handicap parking spaces at any time. Holders of handicap permits may also park in any faculty/staff or student parking space except E-1, state, service, metered and motorcycle spaces or where signs prohibit.
    6. Motorcycle permits. Motorcycle permits are required and must be affixed to the rear fender or tail light of the cycle in such a way that they are visible. Motorcycle permit holders must park only in spaces designated for motorcycle parking.  A fee for motorcycle permits will be charged.
    7. State permits. State permits will be issued to university owned or leased vehicles that do not display state license plates. Holders of state permits may park in any parking space except E-1, metered, handicap and motorcycle spaces or where signs prohibit.
    8. Conference parking permits. Individuals or departments planning to conduct conferences, workshops or meetings must notify parking services at least ten days in advance of the date of the scheduled event so that parking arrangements can be made.  A parking fee per participant vehicle will be assessed for any conference.
    9. Temporary permits. Any non-permit holder using a motor vehicle on a limited basis may purchase a temporary permit from parking services.
    10. Regional campus. Kent campus permits are issued to regional campus employees to be used while conducting official university business on the Kent campus. This permit may not be used by any Kent campus faculty, staff, or student in lieu of the Kent campus permit for which they are entitled. Regional campus employees who teach or attend classes on the Kent campus must purchase a Kent campus parking permit.
    11. Special event parking fees. Parking fees may be assessed for special events. Operators of vehicles displaying valid Kent state university parking permits may be charged for special event parking.
  3. Lost or stolen permits. A lost or stolen parking permit will be replaced and charged an administrative fee once the appropriate lost or stolen report form is completed.
  4. Visitor parking.
    1. Visitors are required to obtain and display a valid permit or pay the required parking fees when parking on university property, unless otherwise posted or authorized in advance by parking services.
    2. The student center lot is reserved primarily for visitors. Charges will be assessed for using this lot.
    3. Metered areas are provided for use by visitors. No person shall park a vehicle in any such area without depositing coins in the meter to cover the time for parking during posted hours. Other than during posted hours, vehicles may be parked at meters without charge.
    4. Residence hall visitors may obtain a visitor permit at no cost from the residence hall area desks.
    5. Visitors should contact parking services during business hours or police services during non-business hours, for assistance or parking information.
Policy Effective Date: 
Mar. 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
8/14/1996, 10/31/2002, 6/1/2007, 7/4/2008, 6/22/2012