4 - 02.7

Administrative policy regarding promotion of mental health resources

  1. Purpose.  It is the purpose of this policy to provide expectations for establishing and advising students and staff of mental health programs and resources available on and off campus.
  2. Implementation.
    1. The university shall create, implement, and maintain the following:
      1. Student communication plans consisting of educational and outreach activities regarding mental health; and
      2. Postvention plans: strategic plans to communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents after a loss of a person to suicide.
    2. The university shall create and maintain a web page including the following:
      1. Crisis intervention access, including information for national, state, and local suicide prevention hotlines;
      2. Mental health program access, including information on the availability of local mental health clinics, student health services, and counseling services;
      3. Multimedia application access, including crisis hotline contact information, suicide warning signs, resources offered, and free-of-cost applications; and
      4. Information regarding educational and outreach activities regarding mental health
    3. The university shall provide all incoming students with information about mental health topics, including depression and suicide prevention resources available to students.  The information provided to students shall include available mental health services and other support services, including relevant student organizations.
    4. The senior vice president of student life is responsible for implementation and oversight of this policy.
Policy Effective Date:
Aug 01, 2024
Policy Prior Effective Dates: