6 - 07.11

Administrative policy regarding service achievement award for classified civil service staff

  1. To recognize employee commitment to the university, a service achievement award is established. Full-time and part-time permanent employees, including recognized bargaining unit employees and those employees having seasonal appointments, will receive this award in the form of a cash payment once every five years, according to the following schedule:
    1. University service category, five years; service achievement award, $250.
    2. University service category, ten years; service achievement award, $500.
    3. University service category, fifteen years; service achievement award, $750.
    4. University service category, twenty years; service achievement award, $1,000.
    5. University service category, twenty-five years; service achievement award, $1,250.
    6. University service category, thirty years; service achievement award, $1,500.
    7. University service category, thirty-five years; service achievement award, $1,750.
    8. University service category, forty years; service achievement award, $2,000.
    9. University service category, forty-five years; service achievement award, $2,250.
  2. For the purpose of this policy, a part-time permanent employee is defined as an employee whose regular hours of work are less than forty hours a week. Employees serving in temporary or intermittent positions are not eligible for the award, and do not accrue service time toward this award. Kent state university employees separating from the university due to retirement, and later returning as new hired into an eligible continuous, part-time or full-time, classified assignment, are not eligible for this award.
  3. Effective the thirtieth of June 1991, employees are eligible to receive this award following the anniversary date the employee celebrates each fifth year anniversary. Anniversary dates are based on continuous classified service with the university. Approved leaves-of-absence of less than a year are not considered a break in service for award purposes. The university retains the right to modify or terminate this award program at any time without prior notice.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
6/30/1991, 2/11/2003, 6/1/2007, 12/4/2008