7 - 05.3

Administrative policy regarding student leader scholarships

  1. Policy statement.
    1. The university recognizes the importance of leadership roles in registered student organizations and the value such roles have to the growth and betterment of the student life experience. Certain leadership positions for registered student organizations as designed by the vice president for student affairs through the center for student involvement are eligible to receive scholarship funding through the student leader development fee in accordance with this rule.
  2. Eligibility.
    1. Only certain student leadership positions in registered student organizations in accordance with rule 3342-4 of the Administrative Code, as designated by the vice president for student affairs, shall be eligible for a student leadership scholarship subject to the conditions provided for herein.
    2. Positions selected by the student media board in accordance with rule 3342-4-12.1 of the Administrative Code (including positions within student media as defined by the college of communication and information) are not eligible under this policy.
    3. Kent Interhall Council positions shall not be eligible under this policy.
  3. Implementation.
    1. Scholarship terms.
      1. Each scholarship will be in the form of credit toward tuition charges and will be applied directly to the student account, up to ten days before the academic term begins. The credit may also be applied toward other university charges (lab fees, room and/or board fees, etc.), if tuition is paid through scholarships or other financial aid awards. Should excess scholarship remain after all outstanding university charges and fees have been paid, the student leader may receive a refund in accordance with university policies.
      2. Prior to award of the scholarship, the student leader must complete all required forms and application materials provided by the center for student involvement. These materials must be on file with the center for student involvement prior to application of the credit toward tuition charges. Failure to complete the required forms and applications materials may result in the delay and/or revocation of the student leader scholarship.
    2. Undergraduate students.
      1. The vice president for student affairs shall determine the scholarship amounts designated for student leadership positions.
      2. At the discretion of the vice president for student affairs, a committee can be appointed to review the student leader scholarship amounts. The committee shall make recommendations for changes in the policy and/or positions to the vice president for final approval.
      3. The director of the center for student involvement will monitor the performances of the student leaders pursuant to their job descriptions and shall be empowered to rescind the scholarship of those individuals who fail to perform at a minimum level.
    3. Graduate students.
      1. The maximum percent of the total in student activities fees available for student leader scholarship at the graduate level may be only fifteen per cent.
      2. The maximum scholarship for a student at the graduate level should be four thousand five hundred dollars per academic year for the executive chair and at appropriate levels for others as permitted by the fifteen per cent limitation as stated in paragraph (C)(3)(a) of this rule.
      3. The graduate student senate shall establish specific guidelines for funding students in the student leadership positions that fall under its purview. These guidelines shall establish the application procedure as well as the procedures and criteria that will be used to determine positions eligible for scholarship.
Policy Effective Date:
Oct 12, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 5/14/1982, 10/16/1985, 3/28/1986, 8/18/1995, 10/4/1996, 3/7/2000, 6/1/2007, 01/01/2015, 3/1/2015