6 - 05.2

Administrative policy regarding unclassified hourly employees

  1. Policy statement. From time to time, it is necessary for Kent state university to hire unclassified hourly employees to provide services essential to the proper maintenance and successful and continuous operation of the university. These position serve at the pleasure of the appointment authority as designated by the president of the university.
  2. Definitions.
    1. Unclassified hourly employee. For the purposes of this chapter, an unclassified hourly employee is an employee appointed to an unclassified position and paid on an hourly basis and subject to the non-exempt provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act where applicable.
    2. Intermittent appointment. For the purposes of this chapter, an intermittent appointment is made where an unclassified hourly employee will work on an irregular schedule that is determined by the fluctuating demands of the work and is not predictable and is generally characterized as requiring less than one thousand hours per fiscal year.
    3. Temporary appointment. For the purposes of this chapter, a temporary appointment is made where either a classified or unclassified position will work for a limited period of time that is fixed by the appointing authority upon consultation with the division of human resources for a period not to exceed one hundred twenty days.
  3. Implementation
    1. Part-time and full-time term or continuing appointments. Unclassified hourly employees are eligible for university paid medical benefits as determined and made available by the division of human resources. Such employees under this paragraph will be eligible to accrue sick leave at a rate of .058 hours for each hour worked. Such employees under this paragraph will be eligible to accrue vacation leave at a rate consistent with rule 3342-6-11.7 of the Administrative Code.
    2. Intermittent and temporary appointments. Unclassified hourly employees on intermittent or temporary appointments will not be eligible for university paid medical benefits. Such employees will be eligible to accrue .058 hours of sick time for every hour worked. Such employees are not eligible for vacation accrual or any tuition waiver benefits.
      1. Unclassified hourly employees on an intermittent appointment are considered part-time term unclassified personnel. Such employees will have appointments valid only through June thirtieth of the calendar year in which the appointment began.
      2. Unclassified hourly employees on a temporary appointment as provided for in this rule are considered unclassified for the duration of the temporary appointment. Temporary appointments may not exceed one hundred twenty days. Successive temporary appointments for the same person to the same position will not be approved unless in extraordinary circumstances as approved by the vice president for human resources and such successive appointment may not exceed one hundred twenty days.
    3. Unrepresented hourly employees engaged in externally grant funded educational or research duties connected with the university shall be designated "unclassified" and assigned by the director of personnel to the title and pay grade which best represents the expectations of the position from the following list:
      1. Title: program assistant I, pay grade 31.
      2. Title: program assistant II, pay grade 32.
      3. Title: program assistant III, pay grade 33.
      4. Title: program assistant IV, pay grade 34.
      5. Title: program assistant V, pay grade 35.
      6. Title: program assistant VI, pay grade 36.
      7. Title: program assistant VII, pay grade 37.
      8. Title: program assistant VIII, pay grade 38.
      9. Title: program assistant IX, pay grade 39.
      10. Title: program assistant X, pay grade 40.

Note: This policy was formerly numbered as 3342-6-07.5

Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
6/30/1991, 6/1/2007, 7/1/2012