9 - 02.3

Administrative policy regarding web publishing

  1. Introduction. This policy applies to all Kent state university web sites and web pages that are available generally through the worldwide web or the internet. This policy applies to all web pages and sites except those:
    1. primarily intended for instruction or research;
    2. primarily used in support of student, faculty or staff organizations; and
    3. personal web sites.
  2. Procedural standards. Members of the university community are expected to follow all policies, rules, procedures and guidelines established to manage web resources. The divisions of university relations and development and information services are jointly responsible for promulgating the rules, procedures and guidelines outlined in this policy.
  3. Guidelines for implementation.
    1. University relations and development will develop and maintain guidelines called guide to web standards to govern web publications covered by this policy. University relations and development will work closely with information services, faculty and other appropriate stakeholders in developing these guidelines.
    2. To achieve the overall advancement of Kent state university's unique institutional brand identity, as defined in the Kent state university positioning platform, web sites and web pages covered by this policy are governed by the guide to web standards.
    3. It is Kent state university's policy that all web sites and web pages covered by this policy will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    4. The university, through university relations and development and information services, is responsible for maintaining web resources (including but not limited to: site development and design, style guidelines, logo libraries, on-campus training and information about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) for the university community.
    5. University relations and development and information services will assist departments, divisions and all units covered by this policy in identifying noncompliant elements and will provide help to departments to bring departmental web sites into compliance with this policy.
    6. University relations and development, along with information services, will be responsible for securing ongoing, appropriate technical support for Kent state university's institutional web site and departmental web sites that are housed on the university server. Those departments choosing to maintain web sites on independent servers are responsible for the security and maintenance of the servers and web sites.
    7. Copyright and ownership of internet materials, whether original or derived works, created or developed by Kent state university staff, faculty or students are prescribed by Kent state university contractual agreements or policies regarding intellectual property.
    8. No web page can contain any copyrighted or trademarked material without permission except as permitted by law. Photographs, drawings, video clips or sound clips may not be used on a page without permission of the person who created them or the entity owning the rights except as permitted by law.
    9. Limited commercial sponsorship is permitted on web sites covered by this policy if all of the following conditions are met:
      1. The commercial entity must be sponsored by a department or unit of the university;
      2. A commercial sponsorship agreement must be signed by the commercial entity, approved at the vice presidential level and reviewed by university counsel;
      3. Commercial sponsorship must meet the requirements set forth in the appropriate section of the guide to web standards.
      4. Use of logos, trademarks or other identifying elements not associated with the university should be avoided except as noted in paragraphs (C)(9)(a) to (C)(9)(c) of this Administrative Code. Hosting of commercial sponsor's web pages or web sites is prohibited.
    10. Other than basic identification information described in the guide to web standards, this policy is not intended to specify content.
    11. All requirements and restrictions in any other Kent state university policies remain in force and are not considered superseded by this policy.
Policy Effective Date:
Dec 01, 2020
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
10/7/2003, 9/19/2005, 6/1/2007, 3/1/2015