3 - 01.105

Operational policy regarding posthumous degrees

  1. Policy statement. This policy provides the process for the recognition and award of a degree to an eligible student who was enrolled at the university at or prior to his or her death.
  2. Eligibility.  An "eligible student" for the purpose of this policy is one who was enrolled in the university at or continuously for at least two semesters prior to his or her death; who maintained good academic standing at the time of death; and, who completed no less than seventy-five per cent of the degree requirements at the time of death.
  3. Procedure
    1. Posthumous certificate of recognition.  For those students who are not eligible students as provided by paragraph (B) of this rule, parents may apply for a posthumous certificate of recognition upon application to the office of the provost.
    2. Posthumous awarding of degree.
      1. A family member (e.g., parent, spouse, domestic partner, child) or legal representative of an eligible student must contact the office of the provost to initiate the process and receive information on the application process. Such requests must be made in writing.
      2. Once the office of the provost receives all requested information regarding the application, the office of the provost will forward the request on to the faculty senate committee on citation and recognition as provided for in rule 3341-3-01.104 of the Administrative Code.  This committee will work with the office of the registrar to ensure degree audits and requirement validation.
      3. The committee will make a recommendation through the president of the university to the board of trustees.
      4. The board will consider only those nominations that have been recommended by the faculty senate committee on citation and recognition, and brought forward by the president of the university with his or her recommendation.
      5. Upon approval of the board, the student will be awarded the posthumous degree.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
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