6 - 02.102

Operational procedures and regulations regarding waivers of posting for job vacancies

  1. (There are occasions when efficiency, productivity and fairness can best be served by appointing a uniquely qualified individual to a vacant position. When a particular candidate has the required direct experience and familiarity with the university, as well as appropriate credentials, or because internal management policy and practices provide for upward staff mobility, it is not necessary or appropriate to apply regular procedures for job communication as set forth in rule 3342-6-02.101 of the Administrative Code.
  2. The office of affirmative action is concerned that university policies be constructed with sufficient flexibility and intelligence that equal opportunity procedures will not be, nor be seen as, obstacles to good management and personnel practices. In fact, internal promotion may be part of a career mobility posture that is to the advantage of minorities, women and other protected classes.
  3. Therefore, any department head who wishes to fill a position within his/her specific unit and to waive the job communication policy may file such a request with the appropriate executive officer (or designee) and then with the office of affirmative action. If the request is approved by the executive officer, the office of affirmative action will apply the following criteria in deciding whether to endorse:
    1. Credentials of the preferred candidate match the job description and other stated requirements;
    2. Direct experience in the unit has been established as necessary and relevant; and
    3. The unit's current composition is such that the recommended appointment would not seriously impede affirmative action progress or meeting set goals and timetables.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 5/7/1982, 9/10/2001, 4/21/2003, 6/1/2007