2 - 03

University policy regarding the establishment or revision of academic administrative structures

  1. Purpose. The University recognizes that academic administrative structures should reflect and facilitate the academic mission and strategic direction of the university.
  2. Policy Implementation.
    1. All requests for establishing or revising academic administrative structures as provided for in paragraphs (D)(1)-(D)(5) in rule 3342-2-03.1 of the Adminsitrative Code must be supported with a proposal that addresses:
      1. The quality of the faculty, students, and programs;
      2. Centrality and coherence to the mission and strategic directions of the university and other academic units;
      3. Comparative advantage versus other structures;
      4. What makes the unit particularly appropriate for Kent state university;
      5. Demand for the unit and for the graduates of the unit;
      6. Duplication and interrelatedness of the unit's program(s) within the university, state, and region;
      7. Efficiency and Effectiveness of the unit in leveraging existing resources and expanding new resources;
      8. Administrative reporting structure;
      9. Space and capital budget needs;
      10. A proposed operating budget with any one-time resource needs;
      11. Evaluation procedures including academic assessment procedures; and,
      12. A timetable for proposal implementation.
    2. Establishment or revision of academic administrative structures must be in conformity with rules 3342-2-03.1, 3342-2-03.2, and 3342-2-03.3 of the Administrative Code.
Policy Effective Date:
Jul 01, 2022
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
08/13/2007, 03/01/2015