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University policy regarding hazing

  1. Kent state university students as individuals, members of registered student organizations or any other recognizable groups, teams, or associations of students are expressly prohibited from engaging in hazing. Pursuant to Ohio law under section 2903.31 of the Revised Code, ("hazing") is defined as committing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to commit any act of initiation individually or with any student or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person.
  2. In addition to Ohio law, Kent state university defines "hazing" as any action or situation intentionally created, whether on or off university premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.
  3. Students and/or organizations charged with violating this rule are subject to disciplinary action under the code of student conduct, rule 3342-4-02 of the Administrative Code and this register.
Policy Effective Date: 
Mar. 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
7/18/1983, 2/1/2000, 6/1/2007