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University policy regarding records retention

  1. The board of trustees hereby authorizes the development of a program for the administering of the records of Kent state university pursuant to sections  149.33, 149.35,149.43, and 149.351 of the Revised Code.
    1. The program created hereunder shall apply efficient and economical management methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, responses to public records requests, and disposition of the records of the university.
    2. Such records shall be maintained in accordance with the provisions of section 9.01 of the Revised Code. Any record maintained in a physical form can also be maintained in electronic form in accordance with division (I) of section 1306.20, as well as section 1306.11, of the Revised Code, except in such instances as a physical form may be required by state or federal regulations as applicable to the university and its operations.
  2. The board hereby delegates the authority and responsibility for establishing the program and approving retention periods for records to the office of general counsel. The program established shall be guided by the records retention for public colleges and universities in the Ohio manual developed by the inter-university council of Ohio.
    Any revisions to the retention period shall not be effective until July first of each year.
  3. Responsibility for adhering to the policies and procedures regarding records shall reside with the head of the respective unit where the records are maintained.
  4. The office of general counsel shall provide for an orderly process through which records that have reached the applicable retention period may be discarded.
    1. Before any such records are discarded, the record holder must complete the “record destruction form,” which then must be reviewed and approved by:
      1. The university archivist, who shall review the records for historical significance; and
      2. The office of general counsel.
Policy Effective Date:
Oct 01, 2019
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
1/11/1993, 6/1/2007, 3/5/2008, 3/1/2015, 6/17/2015