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University policy regarding student housing

  1. Purpose. Kent state university requires that all single students enrolled for nine or more credit hours reside in the university's residence halls and participate in the meal plan. This requirement excludes summer sessions and is applicable until the attainment of junior academic standing (sixty semester credit hours) or the receipt of an exemption from the department of residence services.
  2. Exemptions. Exemptions to this requirement must be requested in writing and submitted to the department of residence services. Students not specifically granted an exemption prior to the first day of classes for the applicable semester will be considered in violation.
    1. Permanent exemptions of up to one year may be granted to students who:
      1. Live and travel to class from the principal residence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) which is located within a fifty mile driving distance from the Kent campus;
      2. Are active members of and live in a university-recognized fraternity or sorority house, as well as maintain the established standards set forth by the center for student involvement; or
      3. Can demonstrate other acceptable extenuating circumstances.
    2. Students not bound to the housing policy include those who:
      1. Are twenty years of age or older, having reached age twenty no later than the first day of classes for the applicable semester;
      2. Are married;
      3. Are single parents with primary child-rearing responsibilities;
      4. Are military personnel with one or more years of full-time duty;
      5. Are participants in a university program or formal agreement whereby such exemption is a term of an agreement and signed by the vice president for student affairs;
      6. Have completed two full-time academic years (excluding summer) of college enrollment;
      7. Have attained junior academic standing;
      8. Have lived in college or university on-campus housing for four semesters or the equivalent; or
      9. Can demonstrate other acceptable extenuating circumstances.
  3. Verification. Students who are not bound by the housing policy may need to submit verification of their status upon the request of the department of residence services.   
  4. Procedure. Upon receipt, all exemption applications will be reviewed by the designated official of the department of residence services. A written approval or denial will be mailed to the student. If the student's request for exemption is denied, the student will have fourteen days in which to submit a written appeal to the exemption appeals board and may request a personal appearance before the board. All appeal decisions made by the board are considered final.
  5. Violation. Nonexempt freshman and sophomore students not residing on campus will be considered in violation of this policy and may have their records placed on "ineligible hold" with the university, thus preventing future registration. Students in violation of or denied an exemption from this policy may be required to make up any part of a semester with a minimum of a full semester in residence, beyond the above-stated residency requirement. Students determined to be in violation are no longer eligible for exemption based on criteria listed above and the on-campus requirement must still be fulfilled.
  6. Presentations of falsified information may be referred to the office of student conduct for further action.
  7. Consistent with the university's policy of non-discrimination, the department of residence services provides equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or identify as a veteran with a disability or veteran of the Vietnam era, although buildings and areas are pre-designated for male and female residency and on the basis of accessibility.
  8. From time to time specific policies relating to the safety, security, and good order of student residential life shall be promulgated by proper authorities, and these policies shall be binding on those affected.
Policy Effective Date: 
Jun. 10, 2017
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/4/1977, 9/11/1979, 6/9/1989, 7/20/1990, 10/14/1992, 2/8/1993, 5/24/1995, 12/20/2004, 6/1/2007, 01/13/2014, 3/1/2015