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University policy for the selection of student trustees

  1. The Ohio Revised Code states, "The student members of the board of trustees shall be appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, from a group of five candidates selected pursuant to a procedure adopted by the university's student governments and approved by the university's board of trustees.
  2. The candidates.
    1. Qualifications.
      1. Must possess the qualifications of an elector of the state of Ohio;
        1. Eighteen years of age;
        2. Resident of the state of Ohio;
        3. Registered to vote.
      2. Students must be enrolled in, regularly attending, and complete at least eight undergraduate credit hours or six graduate credit hours, for the semester in which they are an applicant.
      3. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 undergraduate and 3.0 graduate, not be non academic probation or warning, and have passed at least six undergraduate or three graduate credit hours in the preceding semester of attendance at Kent state university.
      4. At the time of nomination, nominees must be able to complete a two year term of office.
  3. Nomination and application process.
    1. The vice president for enrollment management and student affairs will call for applications and nominations from the entire university community.
      1. Advertise the vacant position in the "Daily Kent Stater;"
      2. Seek nomination from regional campus deans, Kent campus deans, chairs, and faculty members, undergraduate and graduate student senates, and other universities constituents.
    2. The vice president for enrollment management and student affairs will review the returned applications for eligibility of the required criteria, then forward the eligible applicants to the committee.
  4. Selection process.
    1. Committee composition.
      1. Members of the committee shall be comprised of a designee from each of the following constituencies. The vice president for enrollment management and student affairs is responsible for seeking the designees. The director for the Center for Student Involvement or his/her designee will serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity.
        1. Undergraduate student government;
        2. Graduate student senate;
        3. Commuter and off-campus student organization;
        4. Black United Students;
        5. Kent Interhall Council;
        6. Regional campuses (one representative) as appointed by the vice provost for regional campuses;
        7. Unaffiliated student representative as appointed by the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs;
        8. Outgoing student trustee (chair);
        9. Current student trustee.
      2. The chair of the committee shall be the outgoing student trustee. In the event of a tie, the chair may cast the tie-breaking vote.
    2. Responsibilities of the chair.
      1. Convene the committee no later than the first week of April;
      2. Determine the voting procedure at the initial meeting;
      3. Select, by majority vote, the five nominees for the position;
      4. Shall forward the names of the five approved nominees to the governor of the state of Ohio no later than the third week of April.
  5. Responsibilities.
    1. All student trustees are expected to fulfill the responsibilities of a trustee as stated by law and the policies of the board of trustees of Kent state university.
    2. A student trustee Is expected to maintain the same level of expertise and preparedness as an empowered member of the board of trustees.
    3. The selected student trustees shall enter their office the seventeenth day of may and shall end their term two years thereafter (no later than the sixteenth of May).
    4. If a student trustee is to resign, he/she must submit, to the governor of the state of Ohio, a letter of resignation. A copy of the original letter of resignation must also be sent to the chair of the board of trustees, and the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs. Upon receiving said letter, the process of nominations and applications will begin, according to paragraph (B) of this rule.
Policy Effective Date:
Mar 01, 2015
Policy Prior Effective Dates: 
11/20/1996, 5/28/1997, 5/15/1998, 2/1/1999, 3/7/2000, 5/22/2000