Reorganization in Two Functional Areas in the Regional System: Feb. 13, 2024

Dear Regional System colleagues,

After valuable feedback from the Regional Campus Faculty Councils, the Campus Deans, the Provost and I have made decisions about reorganization of two functional areas – Business Affairs and Class Scheduling/Academic Support. Additionally, adjustments have been made concerning campus leadership.

At the suggestion of the Faculty Councils, we have stopped searches for new Dean/CAO positions for Ashtabula and East Liverpool/Salem. Instead, the existing individuals in campus Dean/CAO positions will now oversee two locations moving forward. Specifically:

  • Bill Ayres will serve the Ashtabula and Trumbull campuses.
  • Brad Bielski will serve the East Liverpool and Tuscarawas campuses.
  • Denise Seachrist will serve the Salem and Stark campuses.
  • Angela Spalsbury will serve the Geauga Campus in both Burton and Twinsburg.

Regarding the Business Affairs area, one individual will serve as the Director of Budget, with two Senior Business Managers assisting in all aspects of budget implementation across the campuses. Additionally, a part-time Senior Business Manager will focus on budget issues for the College of Applied and Technical Studies, in collaboration with the others. That position will also contribute part-time work for the Lifelong Learning Unit (not under the Regional Campus System) to fulfill a full-time position.

For the Class Scheduling/Academic Support functional area, four Academic Vice Deans (who can still use the working title of Assistant Dean), will support student and faculty aspects of academics for pairs of locations corresponding to the aforementioned Dean/CAO positions. Each of the seven campuses will also have a support staff person assisting with academic and student support, along with other needed campus functions. Furthermore, a new position of Course Scheduling and Assignment Administrator will be filled, supported by two Course Scheduling and Assignment Coordinators.

The positions of Director of Budget, Senior Business Managers, Academic Vice Deans, Course Scheduling and Support Administrator, along with Course Scheduling and Assignment Coordinators, are currently listed as internal job postings via the Kent State site ( I strongly encourage interested individuals from the Regional Campus System to apply if they have interest in any of these positions.

Additionally, we are developing two additional information and collaboration opportunities for the Regional Campus System. One will be a series of Regional Campus System stakeholders’ meetings for all faculty and staff in the Regional System. These meetings will serve as opportunities to learn more about specific topics, such as budgeting, accreditation, and the work of various teams within our system. They will also provide an avenue for discussion of recommendations for process changes and for collaboration. The second is a resource page for anyone seeking to learn more about various functions or activities. This page will be a part of our dedicated online hub Regional Campuses Reimagined ( and feature regular updates from functional teams across the Regional Campus System and individuals, along with suggestions for future stakeholder meetings.

I extend my gratitude to everyone as we navigate through these organizational changes in some of our functional areas. Streamlining some of our work is one way we can ensure that all regional campuses remain vibrant, active educational locations across Northeast Ohio.


View New Organizational Structure Charts for Business Affairs and Class Scheduling/Academic Support