New to SAS? Get Connected.

Undergraduate and graduate students new to SAS will need to complete the following steps in order to get connected.

*If you are not yet a Kent State University student, please email to request an appointment.

1. Complete the Student Application and Submit Documentation

  • Your first step is to tell us a little about yourself by completing the Student Application in Access KSU. This information must be completed by the student because is requires your Flashline username and password. It is a violation of University policy to share your password. 
  • Upload your disability documentation to your Student Application, or you can email it to
  • To learn more about documentation requirements, visit SAS Documentation Guidelines.  

2. Receive Follow Up from SAS

  • Within 3 business days after you submit your documentation, we'll follow up if additional information or documentation is needed. In some cases, you may be asked to schedule an appointment to discuss your accommodation requests. Make sure to check your Kent State email often. 
  • When your connection with SAS is complete you will receive an email providing you with information about your accommodations. If you want to meet with an Access Consultant or have questions about your accommodations, you can schedule a Quick Question appointment.

3. Request Accommodations (via Access KSU)

  • Request your course accessibility letters (CALs) in Access KSU each semester.
  • CALs are sent by email to your instructors. This tells your instructors what accommodations you may need in class.
  • Discuss how you would like to use your accommodations with your instructors.
  • Accommodations are not typically provided retroactively, so it's important to request your CALs before the semester starts. 

Please contact us at if you have questions about connecting with SAS.

Taking Classes at a Kent State Regional Campus?

If you are a student at a Kent State regional campus, your first step is to connect with the SAS office at your primary campus. If you are already connected with SAS, you can use your accommodations at any campus. However, since campus processes may be different it's helpful to follow up with each SAS at the campus where your classes are held.

Temporary Assistance

SAS can be of assistance to students who have documentation of a temporary disability (e.g. surgery recovery, broken bone, etc.). Services are provided only for the duration of functional limitations associated with the temporary disability. The eligibility process is the same for all students with disabilities.