Note-Taking Assistance

Note-taking can be a challenging but essential part of being a college student. Many students (with and without disabilities) have difficulty learning to take notes. The Academic Success Center offers Academic Coaching that may be beneficial in developing effective learning strategies.

You can also learn more about effective study strategies from Kent State Online

Using your accommodations to take better notes:

  1. Record class lectures - The most common method is for students to audio record their class lectures. This allows students to review course lectures multiple times in their own time. Students must provide their own recording device and should not share their recordings with anyone else. 
  2. Review copies of PowerPoints - PowerPoints are available to students with this accommodation even when they are not available to the entire class. Where possible, your instructor will provide them prior to class. Speak with your professor about the best way to get PowerPoint slides. 
  3. Use a note-taking app- Another option is to use technology like OneNote, Evernote, or Google Keep. These can help you organize your thoughts and use technology like your phone or a laptop to take better notes in your class. If you need an accommodation to use technology in your class, please contact SAS.

Students whose disability impacts their ability to learn to take notes may be eligible for an additional note-taking assistance accommodation

Kent campus students, contact your Access Consultant directly or Regional campus students, contact your regional SAS Coordinator.