Kent State Magazine: Spring 2017

MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller, BA ’85, is exploring how to expand our brainpower. Photo by Jason Grow


Get Smart: Multitasking is a myth, says MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller, BA ’85, who is researching technologies that may one day increase the capacity of the brain’s working memory. In the meantime, he’s got a few tips to help focus your mind. Read more about Earl Miller's research.

Photo: Jason Grow


Dangerous Buzz illustrated by Melissa OlsonDangerous Buzz

by Beth Skwarecki 

The Zika epidemic may have peaked, but it will play out for years as researchers learn more about how the virus is transmitted and how long it remains viable. Kent State experts are using past and present experiences with mosquito-borne diseases to prepare public health students for future outbreaks. Plus, how you can protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.

Fostering Hope photographed by Melissa OlsonFostering Hope

by Keri Richmond '17 

Senior public relations major Keri Richmond was in and out of the foster care system almost from birth. Now she’s fighting for other foster kids to have a better experience.

Attention, Please photographed by Jason GrowAttention, Please

by Adam Piore 

With his research into the brain’s prefrontal cortex, MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller, BA ’85, may someday be able to increase the capacity of our conscious minds. Until then, he has advice on why multitasking doesn’t work and how to focus on the task at hand. 




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