Organizational Sustainability

Priority #6
Organizational Sustainability

Ensure a culture of continuous improvement and the careful and responsible management of university resources and infrastructure.

To ensure financial stability and sustainability and to manage college costs, Kent State is evaluating and implementing strategies that increase operational efficiencies, grow fundraising success, enhance academic progress-related services for students and expand the university’s position as a destination for the next generation of academically motivated students.



Feature Story

$2 Million Pledge to Support Brain Health Research

Kent State University alumnus Earl K. Miller, Ph.D., and his wife, Marlene M. Wicherski, have pledged $2 million to support research programs and students in Kent State’s Brain Health Research Institute. The Brain Health Research Institute is a recently established, cross-disciplinary institute that focuses on research and education of brain health across the lifespan.

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Family and Community Services Profile

Flashes Affecting Change