TIPS for proceeding with academic complaints:


TIPS for proceeding with academic complaints

  • The Student Ombuds office recommends that if possible, the student and the instructor meet in person when attempting to informally resolve any academic complaint. This best affords them the benefit of face-to-face communication, as well as the time and privacy to discuss the matter.
  • Students may grieve whatever grade or classroom concern they believe is valid. The most successful grievances, however, are ones in which the student can substantiate errors or discrepancies, such as possible errors in the instructor’s grading, or significant departures from the course syllabus. 

  • When crafting the wording for the formal complaint, keep in mind that less is generally more. The complaint wording should succinctly focus on what the student is grieving. In general, it is best not to include details of extraneous life circumstances, personal stories, past grades or accomplishments, or speculate on other students’ grades, as these tend to detract from the real focus of the complaint.