Supporting Someone & Resources - Giving Help

We want to make safety a top priority and we want you to let us know about any suspicious behavior you see. Flashes take care of their fellow flashes, and if you see something, say something. Not only will you be protecting yourself and your fellow flashes from the possible impact of negative or unwanted behaviors, but you may also help prevent their reoccurrence from happening again on our campus. It’s On Us to keep our campus and community safe and you can help by being additional eyes and ears when professionals lose visibility. Intervene when you feel safe and appropriate to provide education but understand that everyone has different boundaries; not everyone is going to look like you or have the same beliefs.

Things to consider - do not bury discrimination or harassment statements at the end of course syllabus’s, be a team player in and out of your unit, lock the doors and/or monitor access to unused classrooms/spaces when they are not in use, including locker rooms, performances spaces, private office areas, etc. Be direct, do not have hidden meanings or leave vague hints of what you expect others to know; be direct and state what you expect or want them to know so there is no room for ambiguity down the line.