TechStyleLAB is located in the Fashion School at Kent State University. Our mission is to support learning/teaching, research and commercial investigation of digital design and production technologies in the fashion context. The goal of the TechStyleLAB is to create a model for exploring more localized, sustainable and creative digital supply chains for the fashion industry.

A key impact of the TechStyleLAB concept lies in demonstrating how digital design and manufacturing software/hardware can be used in conjunction with rich media interfaces to create dynamic workflows for the on-demand production of textile/fashion products.

The TechStyleLAB houses a range of digital output devices, such as our wide format digital textile printer and digital embroidery machines in one collective space to allow for a completely vertical on-demand design/production environment. In addition to our existing equipment and our partnership with the School of Art's Craft/Textiles area to make use of digitally-driven looms, we also seek to add in laser cutting/etching equipment, whole garment knitting machines and more.

The TechStyleLAB is available to more than just the students of the university. Open to the public we have interior designers to professional seamstresses order their own custom printed fabric.